1. Georgia Made

From the recording 1977

written by Michelle Malone


Georgia Made Malone Bb (capo 1)

I drove to Alvaton to see my pop’s home
They were 7 in a one room country shack
He picked cotton for exactly one day
Then he hopped the train and he never looked back

He went off to fight in the great war
in Germany and France and Italy (G)
He said, Paris was nice, but I missed the swaying pines.
Georgia Clay must run in my bloodstream

He worked at Georgia Tech and at the steel mill
…bought a Craftsman house at 14th street
We’d walk down the block to the Cool Corners
He’d give me 50 cents for something sweet

His brothers came to visit on the weekends
and Granny moved into the spare bedroom
we’d have supper almost every Sunday
Then sit on the porch and watch the rising moon (inst)

(D)People say that I should move to Nashville(A)
I smile and nod and drift off on a dream
My family has been here for 300 years
There’s no place else I would rather be
Georgia Clay must run in my blood stream