(Click the phototo see my Patreon Page) Hello! This is your friend, Michelle. Thanks for your interest in my Patreon page where you can be part of my inner circle. I wish I could bring my music to you, but since I can't be on the road right now, I've decided to connect with you this way instead. I think it will be a nice alternative to social media - Plus who knows how long live music will be limited, so let's build our community! Click the photo to see your Patreon rewards. Patreon is where i'll share with my subscribers exclusive behind the scenes access, photos, downloads, videos, merchandise, sock reports, song lessons, stories, memorabilia, handwritten postcards, art, live streams, hang outs and whatever other kind of fun we can get into. I want to create a community where we can share some joy. I'm excited to connect with you via Patreon and to build a meaningful music-loving community. I hope you'll consider becoming a patron of my creative work. There's no obligation - you can cancel or change your tier level at any time...but I would love for you to stay forever! The longer you stay, the more cool stuff there will be. Alternatively, I completely understand if you can't support me on Patreon right now. There's alot of my music and videos available here and on Spotify, YouTube and all the other places on the internet. So thank you for joining the Maloniac Nation in whatever way you do. It matters so much, and I am so grateful to YOU! Now Click the photo to see your Patreon rewards! With love and gratitude, Michelle