1. Buck Knife Man

From the recording 1977

written by Michelle Malone


Buck Knife Man Key of E Malone

He was a Buck Knife Man
He loved country music and sitting in his old deer stand
He worked at the plant for 40 years
He said, “I dont like it, but I do the best I can.”

Oh, don’t the clock keep ticking
It’s a run for the roses until you punch your ticket
Now I’m staring out the window at the stars tonight
holding daddy’s pocket knife

He took splinters from my hands
cut open presents and tomatoes off the vine
whittled on the porch just like his dad
If I cast in a tree, he would cut my fishing line CH

(C#m) It’s a sentimental thing
(D) Worth more than gold to me
Cause when I hold it in my hand
I feel closer to the man I E I F#m I

He was a buck knife man