1. Wasted On You
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I got a beat up ego the size of my Durango boot
If I could get resoled, re-heeled, If I could get a redo
I don’t have too many regrets about my misspent youth
Except the money and the time and the dreams that I wasted on you

Wasted on you, wasted on you,
living 90 miles an hour chasing dreams that never come true
Wasted on you, everything I do
I keep rolling home like a stone, but I’m wasted on you

I never did fit in with the stars on the charts in the day
I Didn’t know how to compromise until yesterday
And I feel my life passing by like a fools parade
I’m a rebel in the rubble who’s pretending that I'm ok being CH

I stood so close to the flame I thought that I might melt
It’s too damn bad I couldnt be anyone but myself

If I could get back all of the money I spent getting high
Id have a pile of money so tall I could jump off and fly
If I could get back all the time I spent tryin to be successful
Id have so much time, I could sit around just getting high

Wasted on you, I’m wasted on you,
You keep playing like a song that I hate but I still sing to
Wasted on you, nothing I can do
I keep playing on, keep playin on, wasted on you

Written by Michelle Malone, Lee Michelle Malone Music Publishing, ASCAP 2012