1. The Flame

From the recording Slings and Arrows

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Written by Michelle Malone and Eliot Bronson
Michelle Malone - vocals, electric guitar
Doug Kees - electric guitar
Robby Handley - bass
Chris Burroughs - drums
Trish Land - percussion
recorded live at Bakos Amp Works by Jeff Bakos
Mixed by Gerry Hansen at Creekside Studio
Produced by Michelle Malone


there’s too much darkness in here to see
and i’m so tired of misery
rolling thunder and driving rain
when every candle needs a flame
dont give me that bad news, I cant read it anymore
aint nothing but the sad blues piling up outside my door
trust is gone, but hope remains
when every candle needs a flame

when the ground drops out from beneath your shoes
because your family, they didnt stand by you
feels like a gut punch - it took me to my knees
even strangers came to comfort me
i’d rather take a long walk, if I'm gonna be alone
I cant listen to your hate talk
wont you come down off your throne
cause im no stranger - we share a name
and every candle needs a flame (INST BRIDGE)

the line is drawn now between you and me
bitter fruit grows on the tree
you took my picture out of the frame
every candle needs a flame
Oh Oh Oh Oh - please light my flame

written by MIchelle Malone and Eliot Bronson / Lee Michelle Malone Music/ASCAP/ Eliot Bronson Publishing/2017