1. Beast's Boogie

From the recording Slings and Arrows

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Written by Michelle Malone and Chuck McDowell
Michelle Malone - vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmonica
Doug Kees - electric guitar
Robby Handley - bass
Chris Burroughs - drums
Trish Land - percussion
recorded live at Bakos Amp Works by Jeff Bakos
Mixed by Gerry Hansen at Creekside Studio
Produced by MIchelle Malone


Down on Bankhead Highway in a one room country shack
you could hear his piano ringing like a custom cadillac - like a cadillac

beast boogied to the ceiling - beast boogied thru the floor
i loved to hear beast boogie - but beast don't boogie here no more

piano by his bedside, cigarette burns in the wood
he’d let me keep the change I found in the the little house that could
little house that could CH

lord my mama loved him - made her cry and made her laugh
he was the Sonny to her Cher, the petrol to her match - petrol to her match

Beast tore up the fly wheel riding mama’s clutch
5 times she said it’s over - 5 times was not enough

He loved me like a daughter - knew the words to all my songs
sometimes you don't know what you got til what you got is gone
now the beast is gone
written by Michelle Malone and Chuck McDowell
Lee Michelle Malone Music/ASCAP/
Tater Tot Publishing/2017