1. Funny Face

From the recording Relentless

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You cling to the shadows in folly or fear

You’ve got to keep part of yourself

Just like everyone else

The world is a cold place

It’s been from the start

But have you taken a look at your heart

You left a man with a gun in his hand

Did you try?

Did you go back to see if he lived or if he died?

Did you cry?

Just one kind word or the warmth of your touch

Did you offer your sympathy, or was that too much?

You’re not an island

Don’t think that you are

Someday you’ll need something from someone like me

I’ll be in the bar

A garden of fool – twisted, tangled

the shrews have a laugh

They strangle and dangle

And their funny faces you pass

Did you laugh?

Michelle Malone ©1992, Cold Cocked Music/Sony Songs Inc./BMI