1. The First 24

From the recording New Experience

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The first 24 years were spent
trying to lose track of
the endless amount of time and
of course the endless accounts on memory

She was a master at escape
Houdini had nothing on her
not even age because
she was immortal and
she wasn’t scared of nothin’
but life

She was tricked into thinking
that the magic would never die
would never disappear
not for love or money and
she pushed all the buttons
and she broke all the strings and
she split all the atoms in the ring and
her energy never stopped coming never
stopped humming electricity in her veins like
a power junkie strung out for lack
of anyone else’s life to live and
when the warnings were rendered she
laughed in the face of death and said
How can death find my door when I don’t even have a home?
How can he find me when I can’t even find myself?

Michelle Malone ©1993, Strange Bird Songs/ASCAP