1. Until The Day

From the recording New Experience

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I think of you, and my heart stands still
Doesn’t hurt me now, but I know it will
It’s just a matter of time
Before you turn I’ll make you mine
But I can’t wait Until The Day

I want you now, but you’re not here
Still the message is quite clear
You’ll come back on bended knee
Sobbing and throbbing just for me
But I can’t wait until the day

Doesn’t matter what you say
I’m still gonna feel this way
You see, baby, It’s alright if you don’t care
‘Cause I’m not going anywhere Until The Day

I’ll be here when you return
I’m waiting for you ’cause I know you’ll learn
that I’m the best thing you can get
Hell, I’m the only one you’ve had yet
But I can’t wait Until the Day
Until The Day

Michelle Malone ©1988, Strange Bird Songs/ASCAP