From the recording New Experience

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All I wanted was to be with you
but I guess that all dreams can’t come true
I wish upon the evening stars that shine
Hoping that someday you would be mine

But you like to hide in a storybook fantasy
Where castles stand tall by the sea
I cannot give you these things that you need
All I can give you is me

Sometimes you make me feel so insecure
You say you love me but I’m still not so sure
Then suddenly I find myself alone
Looking for the things that I’d done wrong

It’s not fair that I should have this cross to bare
I am alone, I am confused, I’m waiting here with love to share
Hurts me so; I cannot stand to see you go
I love you still – I can’t let go
I never will let you go

So, if you think you have to say goodbye

Michelle Malone ©1988, Famous Music/Strange Bird Songs/ASCAP