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  1. Knee Deep

From the recording For You Not Them

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I wasn’t looking – that’s how you found me
Hiding in the backroom of the bar
You snuck up like a black cat from the alley
one that had been bit and scratched too hard
Taken by surprise – I guess I showed it
Wasted liquor dripping down your face
I was not impressed like all those bitches
Easy prey is rarely worth the lay

How was I supposed to know
That you’d never let me go
Now I’m knee deep in your shit

I might have known it from the way you kissed me
Or from your nasty cold shit-eating grin
If I had thought that I might love you
We wouldn’t be in this mess that we stepped in

I’m sick of waking to your aging face, dear
And I cringe every time you look at me that way
You say you’re not convinced that I don’t love you
But if I did, you’d be the one in bed with me

Michelle Malone ©1992, Cold Cocked Music/Sony Songs Inc./BMI