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  1. Any Day Now

From the recording Hello Out There

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It’s 2am in the morning
Time to close my eyes
Through my sleepy broken window
I hear the train pass by

And the crickets singing in the kudzu
Doing what they want to do
All I want is a phone call from you
I been wondering what you’re doing

I wonder how you been
Been thinking we don’t spend enough time
alone together like two friends
And I wonder how long can we go on

Pretending everything is fine
All I want is to lay it on the line
Any day, any day now
Any day, any day now

I look up at the same moon that’s shinning
Shinning down on you
I feel a longing in an empty space
no one could fill but you

If you’re somewhere out there in the galaxy
Wanting all of the same things
Maybe we could get together for a drink
Any day, any day now
Any day, any day now

Michelle Malone ©2000