From the recording Hello Out There

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I’m stuck here in the shadow at the end of the wheel
Waiting for the battle break to stand and reveal
A twist, a turn, a dance of fate, we stand on our toes
Hoping for the chance to be as perfect as a rose

My mind is racing, but my body’s moving slow
Sinking to the bottom like some Titanic ghost
Why do they call it quicksand when there’s time enough to know
That you were just an extra in a cancelled episode

Ah – what can you do
Ah – when dreams come to

The coffee pot in the kitchen is so telling
The caffeine and catharsis, it is so swelling
The body and the spirit, they are no longer willing
Caught here in this shadow web feeling like a villain

And all that I can do is sit and stare at the door
And wonder why I’m never satisfied – wanting more
I can’t remember when I did not care if you cared
Only when I would pretend that you were not there

Ah – what can you do
Ah – when dreams come to

You win some and you lose some, that’s just the way it goes
The caffeine and catharsis, yea, it is so…
Remember when you thought that I was perfect
As a rose
I remember when I felt as perfect

Michelle Malone ©2000