1. Down

From the recording Sugarfoot

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The men who run my country are running her into the ground
A ship lost on the ocean caught in a storm and tumbling down
Down like corporate bowling pins
Down like door to door salesmen – Down
Down like Peter to pay Paul – Down

Down oiling the devil’s paw

Elected officials prostituting for the highest contribution
behind closed doors looking for new ways to interpret the constitution

Down-sizing the public trust
Down in big businesses clutch- Down

Down like Bonnie’s down with Clyde
Down like gasoline in fire- Down

Down the worm goes in the wood

Down there goes the neighborhood – Down

Down, the death nail in the box

Down, the children in Iraq – Down

Down like jet planes in the sky
Down like smoke gets in your eyes – Down
Down like soldiers in the sand

Down like we were in Vietnam- Down

Ooooooo, Ooooooo

Michelle Malone (Strange Bird Songs/ASCAP)