1. Samsonite

From the recording Stompin' Ground

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Your suitcase is sitting on my porch
‘been waiting there for you since 1994
Every since you move d in with me and my mama and daddy
You made me such a happy girl

when you told me that you loved me on the tilt a whirl
But every since our wedding day you been threatening to leave me

I’m working at the diner to pay all of the bills
I try to keep you in cologne and all your vitamin pills
but nothing’s ever good enough

Say goodbye, Samsonite

You keep telling me you’re fed up, but then you want to make up
Samsonite, Don’t make me cry anymore
I’m getting kinda rusted cause my heart has gotten busted
And I know that you got leaving on your mind all the time

Mama said that I should try to be
A little more patient , honey, wait and see
Daddy said that I shouldn’t let you treat me like an open swinging door screen
Honey, I love you like I did back then
But it hurts me so, and I can’t pretend it don’t

Matter to me anymore so I guess we better hire an attorney
I bought you a ticket on the next gray hound
headed down to Opelika, and I’m city bound
cause you were never good enough

Say goodbye, Samsonite

You keep on telling me you’re leaving, babe, you best believe it
Samsonite, Don’t make me cry anymore
I’m feeling kinda relieved, cause I know you’re gonna leave me alone
Now that I got leaving on my mind all the time

Michelle Malone (Strange Bird Songs/ASCAP)