1. 100 Paths

From the recording Day 2

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Written by Michelle Malone, Lee Michelle Malone Music Publishing, ASCAP 2012

There are about a hundred paths that I could take
It doesn’t matter - any way I go is the way I go
And of all the 100 paths that I could take
I could just gather cobwebs, better still like the window sill

I wish I could run away from home
Like I did as a little kid
Gather my possessions in a vinyl kid suitcase
A teddy bear and blanket and go on my merry way CH

And the people say hey, hey, hey, hey
Live for today hey hey hey hey

There are about a hundred jobs that I could do
If someone would pay me not to do this thing I do
It’s the only job that I have ever had, I don’t count waitressing
I was the worst waitress in the world
I crave freedom and simplicity
Very few things in things in my life make any sense to me
Gather my possessions in an econoline van
Point it at the highway and drive all over this land CH

Work is just another busy waste of time
It will not matter, my accumulated wealth at the failing of my health
If everyone agrees money’s not the important thing
Why do we spend so much time trying to make it? CH