1. Other Girls

From the recording Day 2

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Written by Michelle Malone, Lee Michelle Malone Music Publishing, ASCAP 2012

I wish I were like the other girls
With a simple life in a simple world
Marriage, children, picket fence
Speak softly and act demure
But Im not like the other girls

Other girls wish they were like me
Carefree rock star royalty
Jet set, penthouse, hot chauffer
Can I get a ticket to that dream
Damn, I wish that girl were me

CH: Other Girls, Other Girls
Every woman is the other girl
Everywhere around the world
Every woman is the Other Girl

Other girls smile get what they want
No speeding tickets for a buxom blonde
Or a red head built like the atom bomb
got a jiggle in her walk and a twinkle in her eye
yea, the other girls make me feel like a guy CH

So if you think your life is not good as another
the grass aint greener, just a different color
nothing simple in the modern world
and every woman is CH