Live at Columbia Coliseum 3/3/91: CD
  • Live at Columbia Coliseum 3/3/91: CD
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SIGNED CD AND DOWNLOAD Download this unearthed gem from the hard living, hard rockin days gone by! In 1991, michelle malone and drag the river were on top of the world...or at least we thought we were! This EXCELLENT quality board recording from our ZZ Top tour is over 40 minutes and is only available here. LONG LIVE ROCK! Dont forget to order the new MM/DTR Reunion Tshirt and Poster! This is a made to order CD of high Quality WAV files - satisfaction guaranteed! 1. Long Love Century 2. Undercover Lover 3. Love thang 4. 32 Seconds 5. Battle him Republican 6. Into The Night 7. Stay With me

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