Hello Out There: (2001) *SIGNED*
  • Hello Out There: (2001) *SIGNED*

Hello Out There: (2001) *SIGNED*

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SIGNED CD and DOWNLOAD Michelle Malone's Hello Out There (SBS 2001) is a sonic roots rock beauty of a album that won album of the year and appeared on many critics Top 10 lists .

" Malone captures her unbridled energy through the power of amps and drums. She achieves a nice balance within that structure, never forsaking her organic folk heritage. (As a further grounding point, Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls contributes her considerable talent to the acoustic-based "Sleepy Sunday Morning.") Other melodic highlights include the near power pop tunes "Hello" and "Carry Me," the top-down driving anthem "Let Love," and the hushed ballad of longing "Any Day Now." Malone's independent spirit permeates her songs and performances, and is certainly evident in the fact that she owns the label, too. Malone is definitely doing it for herself. And doing it very well, indeed." Here's what the critics say:

"Hello is ALBUM OF THE YEAR...I have not been this impressed since I first heard Emmelou Harris or Lucinda Williams...It's intoxicating to listen to Michelle achieve greatness...."- Atlanta Magazine

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