Day 2: (2012) *SIGNED*
  • Day 2: (2012) *SIGNED*

Day 2: (2012) *SIGNED*

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SIGNED CD and DOWNLOAD Michelle Malone's Day 2, produced by Shawn Mullins and Gerry Hansen, is an Americana gem and an instant classic:

"From bluesy growling to sweet crooning, Malone shows remarkable range on her new record, Day 2. A breakout hit waiting to happen." -PASTE MAGAZINE

"Equal parts badass guitar slinger and sweet songstress, Malone artfully balances her penchant for ripping through the roof with masterful lyrical introspection - Day 2 is sublime to raucous. -GUITAR WORLD

This CD will change the way you see and feel about the world, if only for an hour. This record focuses on Malone's visceral songwriting and her ability to sing from her soul. If you like honest, raw, acoustic guitar driven music, slide guitar that will make you smile, vocals that will cause you to shed a tear, and rhythms that will inspire you to clean the house and drive too fast, then you NEED this CD. Track Listing: 1.Other Girls 2. Day 2 3. Immigration Game 4. Marlboro Man 5. Wasted On You 6. Chicken Lickin Boogie 7. Saint Peter 8. The Auditor 9. 100 Paths 10. Shine

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