Acoustic Winter: (2014) *SIGNED*
  • Acoustic Winter: (2014) *SIGNED*

Acoustic Winter: (2014) *SIGNED*

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SIGNED CD and DOWNLOAD Acoustic Winter is a return to Michelle Malone's solo acoustic roots - it's beautiful, introspective and cathartic and includes her arrangement of Eleanor Rigby that has been lauded by countless as the best version thus far. Acoustic WInter is a folky jazzy Sunday morning listen with acoustic guitar, upright bass, some piano and a little percussion.

"On Acoustic Winter, Malone creates gorgeous, gentle, personal songs that showcase her pristine vocal qualities and depth" - Atlanta Music Guide

Tracks: 1.Home 2. Beyond The Mountain 3. Burning Star 4. Where is The love 5. Super ball 6. Mirror Ball 7. Made to fly 8. A Walk in The Woods 9. Counting Stars 10. Eleanor Rigby (Lennon/McCartney) 11. Missing 12. Wild Horses (Jagger/Richards)

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