SOUTHERN COMFORT Official Street Date is Oct 4th - But you can get the download, signed CD or orange LP from me NOW!

In case you don't yet know about my new record yet, let me tell you about it, because I am so very excited for you to hear it for so many great reasons. Besides the songs I've written at my little green kitchen table, I've been cowriting with Dean Dillon (Tennessee Whiskey, Miami, My Amy, A lot Of Things Different - you should watch his Amazon Doc), so you know the songs are top shelf. You may have heard me sing some of them live. There are also an impressive array of special guests like Buddy Miller, Will Kimbrough, Charlie Starr and Paul Jackson of Blackberry Smoke, Randall Bramblett, Rick Richards of Georgia Satellites, Eliot Bronson, Trina Meade, and of course, the fantastic core all-star band of Doug Kees, Tom “Panda” Ryan, Trish Land and Mike Rizzi. It really is a great record. AND You can only get it from me at a show or here available on CD, download, USB card, and orange LP (!!!) for a fair price equivalent to the time invested in writing and recording it. It will not be available for streaming for quite a while (except for singles) until the expenses are paid - make sense?   I am ever so grateful to say that fans like you have made it possible for me to have made music my career for over 35 years, and I want to be able to continue recording. I know I am going against the grain and taking a chance, but I choose to be fairly compensated for my hard work, and I am betting that you would do the same. I hope you understand and will continue to support me and all independent musicians. I promise if you feel it's not worth the price of a movie ticket and popcorn, I will refund your money. After all, music will be here for you forever unlike that movie or Starbucks drink. I'm so grateful to you for being a fan and friend. Thank you. Order the new record, Southern Comfort, HERE. You can take it for a test drive and hear snippets of it in the video below. I know you'll love it. 


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"a wealth of alluring and enticing songs - 1977 could be Malone’s masterpiece. 4/5 stars" (AMERICAN SONGWRITER). 

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“Michelle Malone has one of the most remarkable voices I’ve ever heard, uniquely able to blow the roof off the place and then whisper a soft song that will break your damn heart.”


"Malone’s songs unfold cinematically and capture moments of human vulnerability, and her warm, inviting vocals tell stories of the exquisite intimacy of our daily lives." (NO DEPRESSION).