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  1. The Gathering

From the recording Redemption Dream

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I want you to come with us

Have a good time with us

Come sing and dance ‘neath the stars

Come have a laugh with us

Come raise your glass with us

Come and do nothing at all

We request your presence

And if you will let us

We’ll make you feel just like a king

We’ve rolled out the carpet

and sent for the carriage

your smile is all that you must bring

We are waiting for you

to come out of the blue

We’re hoping it won’t be too long

I’ve a smile you can borrow

a bucket for sorrow

Leave your worries – come along

You butchers, you bakers

you candlestick makers

You poets, profits and priests

Consider it mild

To come play like a child

Come one, come all and you’ll see

It’s your invitation to come to the gathering

It’s your invitation to come to the gathering

Michelle Malone ©1994, Cold Cocked Music/BMI