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  1. Nothing More

From the recording Home Grown

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You’re down in the desert mapping out mirages on the iridescent planes.

I’m caught in the cascades, and I’m coming down like rain.

Are you listening? I’m lost again.

Everybody thinks this is the end of the line.

I’ve got witnesses — they’re coming over tonight to comfort me.

Still I don’t feel like the genuine article.

The imposter poster child, the invisible.

Eternally turning the leaf. Eternally turning the leaf.

Bridges are burning — dissatisfaction guaranteed behind a smoking screen.

I want to do what feels right — everybody’s so afraid — making mistakes — pick me up again.

Everybody’s trying to congratulate me.

I’ve got confidence that they’ve all been faking — we’ll wait to see.

It’s a game we play since before we could speak.

Where we hide the meaning — and we continue to seek.

Eternally turning the leaf. Eternally turning the leaf.

An empty bottle finally washed up on the shore.

All sea and sand and nothing more.

Michelle Malone ©1999 Strange Bird Songs/Ensign Music/ASCAP