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  1. Havasu Falls

From the recording Home Grown

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Marilyn, can I borrow your Jeep?

I’ve got to get out of town.

I think I’m through with my recovery, and I’m tired of being city bound.

I hear the canyon calling, and there’s a lot to figure out.

Leigh started packing this morning, and we’re ready to be heading out.

I’m going down to Havasu Falls.

Gonna drop myself in the water without a sound in Havasu Falls.

Gonna wash my spirit clean.

When the walls start closing in on me gonna find that road to set me free.

And do all I can do to get to Havasu.

If you want to you can come along — we’d enjoy your company.

We’ll probably head up to 75, and turn left at Nashville, Tennessee.

Tyson is a darling — we’ll pick him up in Cherokee.

Everybody else is flying in to Phoenix on the ten thirteen.

We’ll pretend that we’re the first to discover it and live there off the land.

When General Sheridan comes to uncover it, we’ll drown him in the desert sand.

The ancient voices are calling —I’m here at your command.

Feels like a new day is dawning — we may never come back again.

Michelle Malone ©1999 Strange Bird Songs/Ensign Music/ASCAP