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  1. On My Way

From the recording Home Grown

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If you saw me on the street,

would you look away from me?

If my heart was on display,

would you turn the other way?

If I was hungry for some truth,

would you feed me or would you throw me

some change for a coffee or vermouth —

See the hole here in my boot —

you think it strange, don’t you?

Because being with you was like being a

toy that you left and forgot in the rain.

I waited for you, but you never came through.

So, I’m on my way back home.

When I see you losing breath,

will I lift that anvil of guilt off of your chest?

If it was really up to me would I be unfettered and free?

Yes, I confess… Would I sacrifice my life for some pie high in the sky ideal?

Do I listen to my head if my heart is telling me to turn my heels?

Because being with you was like being

alone with a photograph and a telephone.

I waited for you but you never came through

so I’m on my way back home.

Michelle Malone ©1999 Strange Bird Songs/Ensign Music/ASCAP