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  1. Avalon

From the recording Home Grown

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I been thinking about the world

how it seems to have gone a bit crazy.

I can’t open a paper or a magazine or turn on my TV

without seeing something I don’t want to see.

There’s terror on the front page news

And tragedy on channel two.

And faces saying I have to buy something to make me happy.

Avalon, where are you now?

If you could, would you open up your veil?

Let me drink a little from your well.

Avalon, I have been waiting here so patiently.

For you to show the way across the summer sea.

Oh, Avalon, where can you be?

I don’t understand how anyone of us could expect to

feel grounded. I don’t need the madness.

Makes me want to pack and head

straight for the mountains.

Or the canyon or the sea. ‘Cause I would

rather be bombarded by the sky, if it was falling.

Seek the refuge of an island.

Create my own free country.

Michelle Malone ©1999 Strange Bird Songs/Ensign Music/ASCAP)