“Michelfie” Shoes Signed Note Card Set
  • “Michelfie” Shoes Signed Note Card Set

“Michelfie” Shoes Signed Note Card Set

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I’ve been taking photos of my shoes on carpets around the USA and abroad for years. It’s another expression of my travel life experience, and a fun hobby for me. It’s also a good way for me to keep track of where I’ve been. The photos are whimsical and fun, because of all the patterns and colors. There are some amazing carpets in the world! They’re really exciting to see when they are all next to each other in my hashtag Michelfieshoes, too! I started making the photos into thank you cards for friends. Everyone loved them so much and said I should sell them. So here they are! You’ll get 6 signed Handmade cards (with envelopes) from the examples in the main photo. I also write where and when it was taken. Check out my Hashtag on instagram to see a ton of them at once at #michelfieshoes. You’ll also get a download of my song Camera With your purchase, to complete the circle of art and music!

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