Boots and Hats + download
  • Boots and Hats + download

Boots and Hats + download

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This exact one is sold, but I can make a similar one for you - what would you like? Tell me in the notes!

Some days I put my guitar down and just paint and draw. It brings me a completely different kind of joy like playing with a baby kitty or watching Friends or The Jetsons. Other things that bring me joy: boots, hats and goats! What’s not to love?! So I’d like to share my new favorite piece with you, because it makes me so happy! It’s called “Boots and Hats” and I hope it makes you happy, too. They could come live at your house, if you like. You’ll also get a free download of 100 Paths, because music heals! 9” x 12” watercolor and marker on paper

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