Toddie Time: Toddie Time 2 Holiday EP (2019) +Download
  • Toddie Time: Toddie Time 2 Holiday EP (2019) +Download
  • Toddie Time: Toddie Time 2 Holiday EP (2019) +Download

Toddie Time: Toddie Time 2 Holiday EP (2019) +Download

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EP and DOWNLOAD Christmas never sounded so good! The Hot Toddies new Holiday EP, Toddie TIme 2, is just what you need to Get in the Holiday spirit! It has a few toe rappers like Toddie time 1, but it also shows the Toddies willingness to stretch out and grow, as many of the arrangements are more creative and interesting- have a listen to Auld Lang Syne and tell me you’ve ever heard it performed with such melancholy.The Toddies are Michelle, Doug Kees on guitar and Tommy Dean on upright bass.

“ Michelle Malone and The Hot Toddies don’t really “cover” holiday songs as much as reinterpret them, creating new jazz and blues arrangements all their own that display Malone’s vocal prowess and innate ability to let her music take you to another time and place." Tony Paris, Creative Loafing”

Michelle Malone LOVES Christmas music. She's been wanting to start a holiday trio ever since 1992 when she recorded her first holiday album, A Swingin' Christmas In The Attic (out of print but available for download here on mmtunes). It only took a few decades, but they're finally here!

"Nothing puts the 'merry' in Christmas like Toddie Time from Michelle Malone and The Hot Toddies" Scott Freeman, Arts Atlanta”

The Hot Toddies features Michelle Malone on vocals and acoustic guitar, Doug Kees on hollow body electric guitar (Michelle Malone Band, Peter Searcy, Johnny Hyde Quartet), and upright bassist Robby Handley (Lera Lynn, Larkin Poe). They are both upbeat and soothing, exciting and entertaining when they perform their renditions of your favorite holiday tunes - in a few short notes, you'll be swaying and singing along.

Michelle Malone and The Hot Toddies create holiday memories when they perform their versions of holiday classics that range from toe tappers that swing to sweet ballads that pull on your heart strings. It’s fun for the whole family!

“The jolliest sleigh ride in town!” New London Times

“The Hot Toddies are the coolest Christmas cats around!” The Downtowner

“Five Saucy Stars!” The Alabama Post

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