Slings and Arrows: Slings and Arrows CD
  • Slings and Arrows: Slings and Arrows CD
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Michelle's fired up and bringing her southern swagger with a vengeance! Slings and Arrows is Michelle Malone's 15th release, and its a bluesy roots americana feast for the soul! If you like slide guitar, soul singing, and rock and roll, you'll love Slings and Arrows. It features an all-star Georgia cast including Shawn Mullins on an Otis Redding duet with Michelle. You're gonna want to buy several copies, cuz you're going find yourself loaning your new favorite record to your friends...only they wont give it back! Tracks include Just Getting Started, Love Yourself, Sugar On My Tongue, Beast's Boogie, Ive Been Loving you too long, Fox and The Hound, Civil War, Matador, The Flame, and Boxing Gloves.

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