Relentless: (1990) *SIGNED*
  • Relentless: (1990) *SIGNED*

Relentless: (1990) *SIGNED*

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SIGNED CD AND DOWNLOAD** RELENTLESS MIchelle Malone and DRAG THE RIVER (1990)- a CLASSIC! Amazon says, "It has been 20 years since the release of this CD, and it still thrills me now just as it did then. I could go on about how it was about 5 years ahead of its time when it was released. I could go on about how many of my friends ask me about the songs from this disc when I play music at parties, in the car, etc. The truth is this disc has earned a place in my top 20 all-time favorite discs. No easy feat, given I own well over 1000 discs spanning music over the last 40 years. It was a rare miracle that led Michelle Malone to hook up with Drag the River and create this magical blend of Southern Rock and Atlanta folk, all with that amazing undercurrent of thinking-outside-the-box songwriting Michelle does so well." Dont forget to order the new MM/DTR Reunion Tshirt and Poster! track listing: 1. Big Black Bag 2. Long Love Century 3. 32 Seconds 4.Into The Night 5. Chariot 6. Inside Out of Here 7. Battle him Republican 8. Sure Thing 9. Love thang 10. Black Cloud Song 11. Counting Stars 12. Funny Face

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