Strange Bird Vol. 3 - The Official Bootleg: (2000)
  • Strange Bird Vol. 3 - The Official Bootleg: (2000)
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OUT OF PRINT - DOWNLOAD IT FROM MICHELLE'S MMTUNES STORE HERE ON THIS WEBSITE! This live recording won the Best Live album of the year! It's Roots Rock, folk pop with an edge. It's that voice and searing guitar solos that are a double whammy one two punch! Recorded like to 2 track - high quality. This is an on demand made to order CD of High Quality WAV Files- SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Track Listing: 1.Grace 2. On My Way 3. Green 4. Hollow Day 5. California 6. The Edge 7. My Green Thumb 8. In The Weeds 9. Butter Biscuit 10.Floating Down A Dream 11. Tanya Tucker 12. Feels Like Christmas 13. Q & A 14. Wild Horses

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