Bird On Fire: (1995) *SIGNED*
  • Bird On Fire: (1995) *SIGNED*

Bird On Fire: (1995) *SIGNED*

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SIGNED CD and DOWNLOAD This is the studio CD was recorded in 1995 with Band de Soleil - it later evolved into Beneath the Devil Moon after BDS disbanded. It rocks harder and the songs are in their unedited format ...It also has songs on it that were never released on Devil Moon like Hamlet Went Swimming and Butter is a MUST for Malone Fans!

"Another testament to Malone's Gritty, lean, well written rock. She has the soul of a folk singer, the heart of a bluesman, and the guts of a rock and roll star all wrapped up in one fiery bad ass." - The Nashville Rage

She rocks when she wants, plays searing guitar solo's when she needs, and her vocals soar and rip through the atmosphere.

"Michelle Malone ROCKS! Easily one of the greatest voices in the business, an untouchable songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist, Michelle is always giving 110 percent." -GOGIRLS.COM

The original unedited recording that later became beneath The Devil Moon - only BETTER! Raw, bluesy guitar rock for people who still think that corprate rock stinks. MALONE spills her guts all over the record with cranked up strat in hand and power trio at her back.

Genre: Rock: Rock/Alternative Rock Song list: Blue Suede Medicated Magdalene In The Weeds A La Famillia Dimming Soul Twice In A Lifetime Fueled Devil Moon Feed The Glow Hamlet Went Swimming Butter Biscuit

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