Debris:  (2009) *SIGNED*
  • Debris:  (2009) *SIGNED*

Debris: (2009) *SIGNED*

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SIGNED CD and DOWNLOAD This record has been known to contribute to speeding tickets and BIG FUN! It's sassy, rocking and amps up the party with plenty of slide guitar.
Song list: 1. Feather In A Hurricane 2. Yesterday's Make Up 3. Debris 4. Undertow 5. Marked 6. Restraining Order Blues 7. Chattahoochee Boogaloo 8. Weed and Wine 9. 14th Street and Mars 10. Sunburn 11. Candle For The Lonely (Price includes tax) Michelle's most revealing CD to date. Debris, Malone's 10th album, draws from a bubbling vat of southern influences to tackle the anger, heartbreak and humor found in a not so amicable break up. Recorded in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia by Nick Di Dia (Bruce Springsteen, The Black Crowes, Train, Matthew Sweet), this album is both soul-shaking and spirit-healing. Malone, an award winning guitarist/ vocalist in her own right, is joined in the studio by heavy hitters Peter Stroud on guitar (Sheryl Crow, Pete Droge), Tony Reyes on keys (Dallas Astin, Gwen Stefani), Phil Skipper on bass (Tinsley Ellis, Drag The River), and Dave Anthony on drums (Butch Walker, Ike).

"Malone’s riveting wail and sizzling slide guitar blend sass and defiance with an authoritative presence exuding a spunk all her own." -PERFORMING SONGWRITER

"Malone bursts forth like she’s got something to prove. She's mastered all the tools of the trade: hook-laden songwriting, a no-nonsense voice with powerful range, tough and tender guitar, and a memorable presentation. She's destined for greatness. A refreshing surprise of an album." - Eric Thom, Blues Revue Magazine

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