Slings and arrows michelle malone

It's all happening! The reviews are starting to come in for Slings and Arrows....and the reviews are real nice. I send out a sincere thank you to all the writers, DJ's and music lover's who take the time to listen and review Slings and Arrows and help spread the love! Here we go.... and if you dont have it yet, GET IT HERE!

"Malone’s music burns with the unbridled passion of her voice and guitar, further infused with the best characteristics of Southern rock – boogie, soul and a truckload of guitar-driven swagger" Twangville  (Read Article Here)

Michelle Malone's Slings and Arrows is Twangville's #1 release of the week

"This bodacious record, smothered in southern rock and hard-edged blues, is loaded with lyrics so sharp, they cut to the bone.  I’m captivated right from the start." Philly Cheeze Rock and Blues Reviews (Read Article Here)

"With the music Malone has created with fellow Georgia musicians, the album she has made is tough and truthful yet upbeat, driving and energetic, This one is something SPECIAL and highly recommended." Making a Scene  (Read Article Here)

 “Slings and Arrows is packed full of everything that Malone encompasses – hard-hitting roots rock, wailing guitar solos, empowering anthems, soulful ballads and start-to-finish good times. The entire album carries a feeling of defiant positivity which perfectly sums up Michelle Malone.” Music Fest News    (Read Article Here)

Alternate Route's #1 Song of the week


"A rootsy, rocking rebel with southern blues populating her sound...Killer stuff from a rising luminary."  The Midwest Record (Read Article Here)

"a tight rocker."    Blues Man Blues Report (Read Article Here)

#1 on Parade's Top 10 List   - PARADE  (Read Article Here)

“Whether moanin’ at midnight or howlin’ at the delta moon... Malone’s the sexiest, most swaggering-est gal rocker on the g%#!dam planet right now.”  Blurt magazine

"Malone has virtually perfected a style that is equal parts blues, rock, kick-ass attitude and sometimes startling vulnerability."   - Southern Voice

"Malone’s riveting wail and sizzling slide guitar blend sass and defiance with an authoritative presence exuding a spunk all her own." - Performing Songwriter

"Malone bursts forth like she’s got something to prove. She's mastered all the tools of the trade: hook-laden songwriting, a no-nonsense voice with powerful range, tough and tender guitar, and a memorable presentation. She's destined for greatness. "     - Blues Revue Magazine